Blackjack Strategy: Tips And Tricks Finally To Win

blackjack strategyAccording to the concept of many experts, blackjack is the only casino game in which the skills, the knowledge, and the strategy are truly important.

A good blackjack strategy is the gateway to be placed in a scenario in which it is possible to win, without taking into account chance or luck.

Now, in our concept, for the purposes of this publication is something different, yes it requires a bit of luck added to the skills and the adoption of a good strategy.

All strategies, tricks, and advice are based, finally, on mathematics and logic

What we just titled is true, but it is very important that players try different strategies, so they can see which of them (or several of them) best suits their own needs and abilities.

In this way, each player can (and should) incorporate into their daily game or, if preferred, weekly, that strategy they chose.

The previous affirmation is so valid, that in such an important scenario and in which billions of dollars move per month, as is the case of international markets (Stock Exchanges, Forex, Binary Options, Futures Markets and others), he says that strategy is the foundation without which it is impossible to win recurrently.blackjack counting strategy

The previous one is, if you like, the first blackjack strategy: it is, precisely, to choose a strategy. It seems like a play on words, but it is the greatest truth we can say in the world of gambling and, more specifically, in blackjack.

Another inescapable advice is that it is necessary to abandon superstitions and, incidentally, the so-called “winning rituals”, to give way only to numbers and logic. Once we forget about superstitions, we should choose to choose a variant of blackjack that is the right one for ourselves.

So, let’s say that we should keep in mind that “the house is always in the lead”, but that, in any case, the house is also vulnerable because, the lower its advantage, the better it will be for the player. Now, it is also very important to keep in mind that the advantage of the house is quite low, at present, in many online casinos.

To have a more concrete idea of ​​what we have just said, note that most of the slot games (to speak of an example other than blackjack) have an advantage of only between 4% and 6%, leaving the remaining percentage to the players.

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What we just wrote down, is the first thing we must verify, before starting a game of blackjack

In fact, there are some online blackjack games in which players have an advantage over the house, of more than 1% and, in some cases, even more than 2%. But, if the goal of a player is to win real money and not just have fun, you should stay away from this type of casino, definitely.

In other words, we must proceed to play in casinos where the player’s advantage is much more than 2%.

blackjack strategy to beginOn the other hand, note that it is very important that we realize the right casino and, perhaps, this is the advice we should have started with.

Now, when we talk about the “right casino”, we are referring to the most appropriate, specifically, when playing blackjack, because we can’t talk about the most indicated in general terms.

Thus, for example, it is possible that the Bet365 casino is the best, in many experts’ opinion, in general terms. But it is possible, too, that Bet365 is not the best when it comes to playing blackjack.

If we are going to adopt an excellent blackjack strategy, let it be in the virtual casino that best suits “that” strategy. Many players often ignore this transcendental advice.

However, it is not a process as complex as some think. The trick is simply to choose a serious casino, known, with a track record and that also has many blackjack games that are also generous with regards to the bonuses that can be used with them.

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A transcendental question arises: in what way does the choice of a certain casino affect a player’s chances of winning?

blackjack strategy in casinoA lot, because not all online casinos are safe and reliable. In certain cases, even when a player wins in a clean manner, some casinos usually refuse to pay what they have earned with fairness and cleanliness. For this reason, it is essential that we choose a licensed casino and that, in addition, it is regulated. Only in this way, we can count on guaranteed payments.

Now that (at least, hypothetically) we have chosen a good casino, a good game of blackjack and we have also become familiar with the rules of this fascinating game, it was time to find a basic blackjack strategy card for the game that we have selected. This will help us make the right decision in each specific situation as a player.

On the internet, we can find many tables or strategy cards for blackjack and we should not suggest to readers a specific picture because everything depends (as we have already said) of the skills, needs and specific conditions of each player.

However, what we can suggest, is that the most correct thing is to type in Google (or in the favorite search engine of each player) the following expression: “blackjack strategy boxes + the name of a casino recognized as, for example, Bet365, 888 Casino, Indian Casino, etc”.

Blackjack strategy in certain casinoThis is part of a good blackjack strategy since it is assumed that the serious and trajectory casinos are not going to lie to their current and/or potential clients, for the purpose of making decisions regarding the cards of strategy of this magnificent game, more here.

Another thing that we can also say (only as a suggestion) is that there is a great strategy card of this game, called “Blakcjack Pro of Playtech”.

When readers can appreciate this specific letter, on the internet or, if they prefer, in a printed book, they will be able to see that this letter shows how we should play against any card face up, according to the hand we are holding.

To finish, let’s say that a complete strategy table to play blackjack, taking into account each variation, must have three parts: one side, one for hard hands. On the other hand, another for the soft hands and, in addition, another for the pairs.

In short, all these aspects are necessary to have a good blackjack strategy.

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