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8 Qualities to Check Before Hiring Security Guards

8 Qualities to Check Before Hiring Security Guards

In all settings, including household settings, marketable & retail locations, and special events, good guard security plays a significant role. The mere presence of a security guard is enough to deter the worst offenders. They retain a high-security posture by painstakingly assessing security concerns and utilizing cutting-edge technology. It’s more difficult than you might have thought to hire a security guard service in Mumbai

     1. Good communication skills

A security guard should possess effective communication skills as it is one of the qualities to look for when hiring a security guard. It is not uncommon to interact with people, and therefore it becomes necessary that they are able to communicate effectively.

     2. Punctuality and alertness

You don’t want to hire a security guard who is always late. A security guard must always be present at his designated position and should arrive well before time to assess the area for any lurking threats. Another quality that a security guard must possess is alertness. He should be proactive in taking action and mitigating the situation.

     3. Physical fitness

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A physically fit and finely built bodyguard instills fear by merely being present at the location. You don’t want a security guard who is barely able to carry himself.

    4. Observant

A security guard must have that keen eye to detect strange settings. If something seems out of place he must be able to assess it and take action quickly to minimize the potential loss.

    5. Aware of rules and regulations

Before availing of security guard services in Lucknow, you must make sure that the security personnel is well aware of basic rules and protocols related to contingencies. He must know his boundaries and act within them and know when to call the police if things go very out of hand.

    6. Reduce stress situations

Security officers who have received training cope with awkward situations that you might find difficult to handle. People can relax and sleep better when they are confident that their home, children, or clientele are safe. Your safety should be the most important thing to your agency. Security is the bedrock of a secure community. If you are eager for security, there is no time to waste, obtaining it now is crucial.

     7. Deliver CPR and AED

Security personnel is the initial respondents. In an emergency, there isn’t always time to wait for the police or EMTs. Having a security officer nearby who is qualified to use an AED or do CPR could mean the difference between life and death. An officer can also provide assistance in the event of a natural disaster or a health emergency. For instance, unfortunate events can occur at any time or location, and a security person stationed nearby can provide customers and visitors with prompt assistance. After a fire or earthquake, the DSIS security guard can safely lead people out of a building.

    8. Trained in combat

A reliable security guard is one who is well-trained in hand-to-hand combat. He should not balk if things go very wrong and he has to fight the culprit. He should be properly trained in martial arts and other things to fight the criminal if necessary.

To sum up, trained security guards deter criminals from engaging in stealing, vandalism, sabotage, violent attacks, physical assault, or terrorism. So, their job is to provide the best possible defense and support against violent intentions or attacks. You must assess a security guard closely before hiring him. If you are looking for the best security guard agency in Kanpur, then you can get in touch with DSIS for a supply of well-trained security personnel.