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Choosing the Best School Security Company in Noida to Remove Security Loopholes

Choosing the Best School Security Company in Noida to Remove Security Loopholes

Incidents happen every day. We ignore some, but a few shake us from the inside. The worst is that the doers do not care for who they are fighting against and often even target the school students. To be precise, there have been repeated crime and negligence reports against the children within the school premises and such news keeps coming from all over the country. Even though the apex court has issued strict guidelines for safety measures for the school kids at school and during transport, crimes rate are still increasing. Especially now, after covid, with schools reopening, there still remain loopholes within security that need to be sorted. This makes it an important reason to have school security guard services in Noida.
As per the professionals at Drivya Security Pvt. Ltd all the increasing and existing loopholes can be sorted and stopped, but they need immediate implementation of some security steps. Some of such steps have been discussed below.

School Buses Transport Safety Management

Transport safety is important, and the parents and the school must work together to address it. In some areas, private van operators and the rikshawalas can take the kids to and from the school. Such travel means are not just risky, but they do not even follow the traffic rules. The worst is that they cramp up the kids in transport.

The parents do not just neglect the above, but they fail to do timely police verification of the van drivers. This is why it is advised that such vehicles and van drivers services are to be stopped, and the schools must restrict the entry of it within the school premises.

Getting to the school bus, it must be made sure that the vehicle has written on both the front and the back on school duty. The bus also must have a medical first aid box and a fire extinguisher. Further, all these precautions must include an annual check of the vehicles’ fitness certificate to ensure the kids’ safety. If the organisation cannot handle it on its own, it is advised to hire the best security services in Thane or elsewhere.

Safety check and audit twice a year

Security checks must be conducted, and proper audits must be done to check the security, fire safety and the disaster preparedness. The services can be conducted through a school security guard company in Noida after they have been hired to deliver safety and security to all within the premises.

Fire security

• They must be fire exist located at accessible and convenient points on every corner and the floor within the school building.

• The teaching staff, guards, and the non-teaching staff must be trained and educated on the use of fire extinguishers and executing the emergency drills and evacuation plan.

• There must be facility management and daily supervision, inspecting loose electrical wirings, switchboards, electrical devices and cameras. Now, these tasks become easy to be managed, especially after having the best security services in Thane. So, why not make a better choice?


The security camera installed as part of school security guard services in Noida must be at the toilet entrances. Apart from that, the teachers must remain completely vigilant and monitor kids going in and returning from the bathrooms. Lastly, the dangerous sections within the building complex, including water tanks and the generator enclosures, must be monitored during the school hours, especially after the school ends, and it must be made sure that there isn’t any careless mistake by the end of facility manager like keeping the gates unlocked.


Apart from the above, it must be made sure that name tags and badges remain mandatory for non-teaching and teaching staff. Further,
• The best security services in Thane must sure limited access to the visitors of the school.
• CCTV cameras must be installed, and proper psychometric and police verification evaluation of the non-teaching and the teaching staff must be done too.

For more ways to ensure school security, refer, Upgradation of School Campus Security with the Best Security Services in Noida

Choose DSIS for a Loophole Free School Environment

Drivya Security Pvt. Ltd. a school security guard company in Noida, is quite popular for the trained and experienced security guards offered for school security. By understanding the necessity of training and ensuring the quality of the services and client satisfaction, every team member of DSIS is selected and then trained before they are out serving the clients for their security requirements. It helps them not just stop the crime but to ensure a safe working environment, offers quick resolution and reduces the stress level of the organisational heads.

In case you are looking for school security guard services in Noida, we at DSIS are here to ensure the best we got. All you need to do is connect with us, get an appointment, explain requirements, get customised solutions, pay, and receive the services.