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How Safe is the School Security System in India? How to Manage it?

The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. This is why it is vital for ensuring the good health and security for all of them. The fortunate Indian children, they spend most of their time at school. To understand things with a better perspective, the 1st to 5th graders are required to spend in a total of 800 hours and the 6th to 8th graders spend at least 1000 hours at the school in one academic year. In such cases, security and safety are the least that can be offered to the kids, and hiring the school security guard services in Noida wouldn’t be a bad move.
Know that the Indian schools, they are notoriously quite low on security. The crime against the kids has increased by around 11% in just between 2015 to 2016 (NCRB report) and since then, it has been increasing to a greater extent.

The major reason why the kids are exposed to the danger is the lack of school security guard services in Noida or school security guard in Mulund. It is taking into account the same that this article has been prepared to understand how school security can be improved and how the fatal incidents can be stopped from happening. Keep reading to know further.

Understanding Why, How, and Where the Problem is?

A key to solving any issue is to understand the same first. Like, where are we actually falling short and what can be done to improve the school security guard services in Noida? Well, to explain it better, the below-mentioned will be helpful.

• School Buses Security

Kids are highly vulnerable when they are outside the premises of a school or waiting for the respective buses. It is the time when the criminals bring in ways and try to lure the innocent children. So, the kids must never be left alone or unwatched.
There must be a security guard deployed for watching over kids before the bus picks them and they should also be escorted back to their homes with proper security. Probably this is why the GPS installation on the school bus has been a great boost too.

• Security System of School

It is necessary to appoint a security agency in Noida and deploy the security guards across the four corners of the school. It must be made sure that even the minor of the threats is taken seriously.
Barbed wires or fences can be installed wherever needed for quelling trespassing. The guardian or parents of the students must be given the ID Card without the presence of which they must not be allowed to enter the school premises.

Schools must also start to perform police/background verification and psychometric evaluation check of the teaching staff, bus drivers, non-teaching staff, security agency in Noida, and peons.
Any security company in Noida that gets hired by the school, they must get the police verification and background check, for all the guards. Further, the necessary safety measures must also be taken by the end of the school for any attack or threat.

• Internal Security Surveillance

It is important to install fully functional CCTV cameras in every corner and nook of the school premises. Further, a special team can be hired from the security company in Noida for surveillance and to monitor everything that is going on around.
Even the slightest activity which can arise suspicion must be dealt with better austerity, no matter if it is child abuse or ragging. Apart from it, there must be separate washrooms for the teaching and the non-teaching staff (male and female). There must be a lady guard right outside the female washrooms. If needed, they can be hired by the security agency in Noida.

• Attendance

The school security guard in Mulund knows his duty well but if needed, they can be reminded of keeping tabs on the visitors as this is quite critical, especially when the crimes occur. It makes it much easier for tracing back suspects.
All must be asked for filling in the book register and the kids must not be allowed to leave the premises of the school during school hours. All this will work as effective means through which the children can remain safe. Apart from it, the biometric system installation can be a welcome step too.

• Security Audits of School Security Guard in Mulund

There must be periodic security audits for the professional security company in Noida as it will help in the identification of gaps and enforce the corrective action on time. The security audits must include the assessment of the guarding force, security processes, sensors, and alarm efficacy.

How Drivya Security & Intelligence Services Pvt. Ltd. Conducts School Security?

Drivya Security & Intelligence Services Pvt. Ltd. as the provider of school security guard services in Noida ensures that all the school staffs are focused on one primary responsibility, which is to impart knowledge and leave school security in the hands of professionals. To do so, the professionals associated with DSIS ensure to secure the premises, ensure security at all times, analyze the neighboring premises, evaluate the safety for calamities or hazards, formulate specific procedures for the handling and prevention of emergencies, etc. By all means, they remain prepared for the upcoming situations and make sure the kids of today and the future of tomorrow remain safe and secure.

So, if you are looking out for a school security company in Noida connect with Drivya Security & Intelligence Services Pvt. Ltd and ensure the best services are on hand.
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