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Warehouse Security Services

Warehouse Security Services

Warehouse Security Services in Thane​

“Playing Vital Role in Safety & Organizational Health, Industrial Security Brings a lot more in.”

The security guard plays a major role within private industries and organizations. In comparison to the cost of accidents, the industry’s maintenance costs are much lower. It is due to it that the security today has started to take 1st position within the minds of industry authorities for safeguarding employees & assets from ruin. If you are on the lookout for the industrial security guard agency, the search ends here. At Drivya Security Pvt. Ltd., we assure you of the best industrial security guards
as per your requirements. With our security personnel availability, we ensure to offer security services for vehicle patrol, vandalism of the property, access control, deterring theft, etc. So, bring requirements to see what we got to offer.

Industrial Security Can be a Tricky Task

 The manufacturing unit activities are complex in comparison to the trading and services industry. Further, considering the complex nature of the production, the factory needs to compliance with varied rules and regulations and acts like Pollution Control Act, Factory Act, etc. Similarly, securing the factory and ensuring warehouse security brings in challenges on a daily basis. From the risk of loss through pilferage to theft, all of it remains highest at the factory in comparison to the other sites. So, the role of security to be understood on time is vital for mitigating risks faced by the industrial



 Industrial Security Services Offered at DSIS

Offering a wide spectrum of Services at Drivya Security Pvt. Ltd., for the manufacturing and industrial units, we have specially trained industrial security guards who remain prepared to manage all that’s put in for the task.

With the experience DSIS carries for industrial and warehouse security, covering a wide range of the clients across varied sectors, we understand the vastness of requirements. It is through it that we build our unique ability to develop an exact portfolio for the industrial security services your organization might need.

The exhaustive list of services but not limited to offered by DSIS include,

  • Office Security Patrol
  • Reporting to Security/Admin Head
  • Material Outward and Inward Management
  • Regular Patrolling within Godown or Factory or Warehouse
  • Access Control
  • Maintenance of Records, Registers and Files
  • Visitor Pass management 
  • Investigating thefts and unusual incidents
  • Safety Procedure Adherence
  • Maintenance of Order Amidst Labour
  • Boundary Wall Guarding
  • Visitor and VIP Escort
  • Handling other relevant registers
  • Coordinating with the External Agencies
  • Investigating Suspicious Vehicles and Persons
  • Assisting within design and application of the closed-circuit TV
  • Vehicle Pass & Parking Management

The services we offer, our professionals never compromise on the quality of procedures and processes. They are well-trained within the strict disciplined environment, and therefore they remain obedient to the authority. They put in their best efforts to offer the industrial security that you deserve.

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A Little Extra with Industrial Security Services

 Apart from the above duties, the DSIS security guards are capable of
  • Fire Fighting
  • Basic Disaster Management
  • CCTV Operation
  • First Aid

By covering it all, we assure industrial security personnel who understand the basics of factory functioning through the regular training. It helps the security to identify and prevent loss that’s suffered by the factory through the pro-active measures; after all, they are deployed strategically to be effective within security requirements.

Industrial Security Officer Qualities

 ‘Qualities that’s visible right through eyes, DSIS for you “IS A GAMECHANGER”’
  • Trained by industry experts and all the latest techniques.
  • Well-groomed guards match up industrial standards level.
  • Qualified staff for helping coordinate between higher authorities and employees.
  • Equipped with the latest security weapons for warehouse security and guarding against physical attack.
  • Police verified guards to avoid the threatening or criminal incidents.

Why Hire Drivya Security Pvt. Ltd.?

 With the built-in processes, including state-of-the-art knowledge improvement and training programs, we go a long way in the improvement of our security personnel knowledge. We constantly recognize their efforts and reward the security officers/personnel by offering them advancement opportunities in their careers. Through this means, we attract the right personnel and ensure to retain the highly skilled professionals while continuing to foster the environment for their continuous improvement.

Call us today to learn more about the Industrial Security Services offered by us. We assure you we do our best to attend to, supervise and work closely with your requirements by maintaining the best course of action.

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