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Mall Security Services

mall security services

Mall Security Guard Services

Shopping Malls are attractive centers for many and thousands visit them daily. In India, it is the perfect spot for families to spend their Sundays as they offer a variety of activities to engage in. You can find children running and playing around, making all the noises. The one thing that makes malls inviting is the availability of anything and everything under one roof. If you want to watch a movie, go shopping, or eat something, you can do all these things and many more under one roof. Not just weekends, malls are always packed with visitors on weekdays as well. This makes them an ideal place for burglars, thieves, and pick picketers. To tackle these situations, it becomes imperative to employ the services of a mall security agency.

Goals of mall security guards:

• Regulating the number of visitors and shoppers.

• Regulating delicate items at the counter.

• Professional identification of suspicious items, stolen goods, and rules violations.

• Recognizing both legitimate and fraudulent invoices and vouchers.

• Handling shoplifters at supermarkets.

• Handling emergencies, fire and explosion prevention, and direct handling of fire alarm signals.

mall security guard
Mall security

Why hire a shopping mall security company?

• Mall security companies help to mitigate losses

Security guard agencies specialized in mall security prevent loss resulting from theft, robbery, vandalism, and safety hazards. To maintain a visible security presence while spotting indications of potential dangers and crimes around the premises, a skilled mall security company will station officers in fixed positions, such as entrances, and augment them with roving police who patrol each part of the mall.

Armed and unarmed guards

A mall security company in Mumbai can advise on the suitability of armed and unarmed security officers. Some malls may require a combination of both depending on the size of the mall. In case armed security is required, hiring the services of a professional mall security company can make sure that the security guards employed are thoroughly screened and trained to meet any emergency. They will also have extensive training in conflict resolution, aggressive response, and space clearing while making sure that force is only applied when it is necessary.

Comprehensive surveillance  services

Monitoring and surveillance are essential parts of mall security. Professional and experienced shopping mall security companies in Thane apply the latest technology by installing state-of-the-art cameras with modern features and clear footage that can be used to identify criminals. Their staff can design, set up, and maintain security cameras all across the building. They can also staff the control rooms where the cameras are watched by qualified employees.

Secure parking spaces

The garages and parking areas of a shopping mall are considered highly vulnerable. A mall security company can identify these exposed areas and devise a plan to secure these areas. For instance, they can offer guidance on lighting arrangements that can reduce crime in parking lots. It is possible to establish proper visibility throughout the zone and act as a visual deterrent to crime by sending roaming patrols to make sure the lights are operational.

Trained in customer services

Shopping mall security agencies in Mulund understand the need for guards who are well-versed in public relations and project a positive image of the mall, making them comfortable and encouraging them to return. Security guards may help customers with a range of problems, from giving directions to assisting with vehicle lockouts. They can help guests with impairments, elderly people, and lost children. They can also deal with gang-related situations, marital disputes that take place inside the mall, and vagrancy problems.

Reach out to DSIS for mall security services

Drivya Security And Intelligence Services is a leading provider of mall security services and specializes in providing first-rate protection services to the shopping mall of all sizes. Contact the professionals at DSIS to get going. Our team will create a thorough security strategy for your mall that includes cutting-edge security tools and qualified security personnel who are bonded, insured, and ready to handle a variety of emergencies securely and professionally.

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